OST 1 Parça Listesi

1. Sakura Kiss (Açılış)
3. Doki Doki Waku Waku
4. Itsumo Gawa ni
5. Ouran Cocerto for oboe, 2 horns, violin and string
6. Waltz with Adonis for orchestra
7. Menuet of innocence for chamber orchestra
8. Theme for the cute one for orchestra
9. Sinfonietta C-dur
10. Scherzo for orchestra
11. Music for the Music Salon No.3 for trumpet and orchestra
12. Introduction and Tarantella for chamber orchestra
13. Polka Capriccioso for chamber orchestra
14. Sakura Kiss for string
15. Pavan for piano and orchestra
16. Nocturne for orchestra
17. Tango Birlliante for orchestra
18. Alla Marcia for orchestra
19. The powerful Motor Rhapsody for orchestra
20. Tranquillezza for string
OST 2 Parça Listesi

1. Shissou (Kapanış)
2. Tsumetai Yoru
3. Bokura no Love Stye
4. Mata Ashita!
5. Introduction and Waltz for piano
6. Ouran Concerto Moderato marciale for oboe, 2 horns, violin and string quartet
7. Air for violin and orchestra
8. Theme for the "Zuka-bu" for orchestra
9. Danza Nohtenki for clarinet, harpsichord and string quartets
10. Danza Panico for orchestra
11. Misterio for Harpsichord and chamber orchestra
12. Andante comodo for chamer orchestra
13. Moderato scherzoso for piano trio
14. Quasi Charleston for violoncello and piano
15. Intermezzo for harpsichord and string quartet
16. Serenade for piano trio
17. Romance for violin and piano
18. Elegia for piano
19. Sakura Kiss for piano
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